Doctoral Degree Programs

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· Language of Instruction: Chinese or English

· School starts: every September

· Registration Fee: 500 Yuan

· Tuition fee: 30,000 yuan/year

· Program Duration:

Students are required to complete their studies within four years but approval may be requested to shorten the period to three or lengthen the period to five years (including any period of absence with leave).

· Curriculums and Credits

At least 14 credits are required to complete a PhD course and should be completed in the first academic year in principle.

· Arrangements of Dissertation

1. A doctoral dissertation proposal should be completed before the end of the third semester. Doctoral students should  demonstrate in their dissertations that the author has an independent ability to engage in scientific research and made creative achievements in their discipline or specialized technology.

2. Doctorate applicants as the first author (or second author if the first author is the student’s doctoral dissertation supervisor) must submit three academic published papers on topics related to their dissertation. Students must receive notification of acceptance of one of the three papers but must have least two published papers before they can apply for a degree. The first author of academic paper should be affiliated with Beijing University of Technology. An applied and authorized patent for an invention as the first inventor as the first inventor (including supervisor as the first inventor and the applicant as the second inventor) is equivalent to a paper.

3. PhD’s dissertations can be written in Chinese or English. Abstracts for Foreign students’ dissertation should be written in Chinese. International students must have the dissertation delivered to, defended in, and accredited to BJUT.

· Entry Requirements

1.Applicant must be a non-Chinese resident,holding a valid foreign passport or international identity certificate for over 4 years and must have lived in that country for over 2 years in the past 4 years.

2. Applicant should be in good mental and physical condition.

3. Applicant should be over 18 and under 40 years old.

4. Degree or diplomaApplicant for doctoral program, should provide a master degree or above certificate.

5. Language requirements

(1) For Chinese-taught PhD program applicant: New HSK-4 or above level

(2) For English-taught PhD program applicant who does not from English-speaking countries should meet one of the following requirements

a. IBT 85.

b. IELTS 6.5.

c. TOEIC 750.

d. The instruction language is English in senior high school or above study period.

NoteApplicant who does not meet the Chinese language requirement should take a one-year Intensive Chinese Training  Program offered by BJUT and can only proceed with the degree study after pass the language requirements.For more details,  please click here.

· Program Application

1. Online application

2. Application period 01 November—30 May of next year

3. Application documents

(1) Application formcompleted online

(2) A copy of passport personal information page

(3) A copy of the most recent degree certificate

(4) A copy of official-proved the most recent degree transcripts (for all years)

(5) Personal statement/research plan (no less than 800 words)

(6) Two reference letters (associate professor or above title)

(7) An acceptance letter from BJUT supervisor(download:BJUT Supervisor Acceptance Letter.docx)

(8) CV(download:CV+template.doc

(9) A copy of IELTS or IBT certificate (for English-taught program)

(10) A copy of Physical Examination Record for Foreigners


Admission Office

College of International Education

Beijing University of Technology

Address: R814, No.4 Teaching Building, Beijing University of Technology,

              #100, Ping Le Yuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100124, P. R.China



Tel: +86-10-67391762, 67391858

Fax: +86-10-67391762

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