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As it was required in notification on the recommendation of the "Outstanding International Student Scholarship" candidates from the International Cooperation and Exchange           Department of the Ministry of Education([2017] No. 1356), with students submitting        personal applications, home college first reviewing, and the College of International          Education organizing final review in BJUT, it is to recommend Pakistan doctoral               candidate PANEZAI HAMEEDA from College of Environment and Energy Engineering, Vietnamese doctoral candidate DO THI HAN from School of Urban Transportation and   Canadian doctoral candidate KHAN WAHEED QAMAR from College of Material           Science and Engineering as candidates proposed by Beijing University of Technology for 2017 / 2018 Outstanding International Student Scholarship. The above results are now       publicized.

The publicity period is from June 26 to June28, 2017. During the publicity period, if there is any objection to the resultof the review, please refer to the International Student Affairs Office, College of International Education in written during the publicity period. We    requirethe facts and evidence listed clearly and reliably. Real names, units and contact      information are required.

Contact: Wu Dan

Venue: R814, Teaching Building 4

Tel: 67392471


College of International Education

June 26,2017