Friends from afar: students experience Chinese family culture

发布时间:2017-3-31 17:11:41

Recently, organizedby the College of International Education, "Home Visit Program" was successfully launched. Five Chinese families hosted international students with rich variety of cultural activities so as to experience Chinese family culture ina direct and in-depth way. In a short span of time of a day, student ssuccessfully integrated into the Chinese family's daily life, experiencing different Chinese traditions and culture.

Chinese traditional food (dumplings) was the main dish prepared and served at Ms. Zhang Nan’s family. Iranian and of Tongan students, Moein and Koloa respectively did not only taste the authentic taste of the Chinese dumplings, but also learned how it is prepared. In order to better understand the Chinese culture, Ms. Zhu Jing also demonstrated to Yoshida, a Japanese student and Petrenkoa, a Ukrainianstudent, detailed Chinese calligraphy. Under the guidance of Ms. Zhu, two foreign students completed the writing of Chinese character "". Zhu said, “International studentsare great, and Home Visit Program is very meaningful, and should continue "

At the family ofMrs. Wu Dan, students from Tajikistan, Gina, Mongolia Mi xiga and Ukraine Lisa experienced Chinese traditional educational toys - Kong Ming Suo, a series of nine zodiacand painting and students showed a strong interest in it. As they played, they learned the story behind the toys. Gina said, "I'm so happy to be able toacquire knowledge outside the classroom!". Ms. Yang Liu’s family went to pick strawberries together with Belarus students Lena and Ukraine students Anna atthe countryside. Anna complimented: "I am very lucky to know this great family, where I have a feeling of home. We are very grateful to the organization of this event for the opportunity to encounter such a wonderful family, it’s a memorable life with memorable memories".

In this activity, students experience the traditional culture of the Chinese families, feeling the enthusiasm and warmth of these Chinese families. Chinese families that were also able to host these students have established sincere relationships. Happy time is short, but will live to linger in their memories.

This program is aimed at furtherpromoting Sino-foreign cultural exchanges, friendly exchanges between university students and faculty members to build a platform to help students better understand the real lives of contemporary Chinese, to experience Chinese culture, improve their Chinese level. But also for staff members to acquirein-depth knowledge of foreign cultures, provide a good opportunity to develop an international perspective. The College of International Education will continue to recruit from both the foreign and domestic fronts into the programto sustain it.