First Badminton Competition Of Internatinal Students Of Beijing University Of Technology

发布时间:2017-4-5 11:52:00

On March 29 to 30 , International Student Clubs Union sponsored the first foreign student badminton competition  held at the Olympic Badminton Stadium of BJUT. The game attracted students fromUkraine, Canada, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mongolia and 10 other countries with about 50 students participating in the men's singles, women's singles, men's double,women double and mixed doubles.

Participating students competed peacefully and at the same time strived for success. The players fought tenaciously in every game with full of appreciation towards each other while schoolmates cheer them on. There was fierce fight among players durring the matches and sincere smile, handshakings, big hugs and warm encouragement after the matches.

This is the first time that international students have organised such activities. Students from Pakistan, HONG QI commented: "Thank you very much. College of international Education for organizing such a good game. Through this game, we have enhanced friendship amongst students". AIMIN from Iran said: "I am amazed atthe enthusiasm of the students to take part in this physical exercise, this has gone a long way to enhance our physique and will help us to stay healthy and happy through our stay and study at BJUT".

There are over 14 International student clubs involving style,traditional culture and other fields. Since its establishment in November 2016, has been committed to enriching the cultural lives of students, promoting the exchange of the culture amongst students, enhanced students cohesion and harmony, further encourage the need to stay healthy through sports and also encourage a good learning spirit. In the course of the semester,  students will also be participating in table tennis, cricket, photography,paper-cutting, and painting and calligraphy and other competitions.