BJUT International Students Participated in BEIJING OVERSEAS STUDENTS' TOUR

发布时间:2017-7-11 13:19:09

July 2 to 3, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to the motherland, our doctoral student Salman from Pakistan, doctoral students Pius from Ghana, doctoral students Seybou from Cote d'Ivoire, doctoral student Majid from Iran and Aimee from Rwandan, together with others 20 students from Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Greece, the Philippines and other countries and regions, participated in the "Overseas College students Beijing Tour" activities. The tour has been organized by the Beijing Overseas Talents Center and Beijing Association for Science and Technology as part of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to China.

In addition to experiencing the capital's competitiveness in science and innovation, they also learned about Chinese culture by visiting historical relics. They visited the "Beijing Cultural New Landmark" Beijing Square buildings and Dashilan and other historical and cultural protected areas, they understood Nei LianSheng,Rui Fuxiang and other traditional old historical heritage and rejuvenation, tasting National non-material cultural heritage project - Zhang Yiyuan jasmine tea culture and characteristics of the old Beijing snacks, and personally experience the intangible cultural heritage project "Hair monkey" traditional culture and production process.

They entered the Putian Desheng incubator and visited two companies of Beijing "Oversea Poly Project " experts founded enterprise. Liu Hao Yang founded in Beijing Connaught Teng Technology Co., Ltd., the national experience of advanced VR technology. In the creation of the Beijing Masayana Space Technology Co., Ltd Technology Co., Ltd.they understand the global promotion of mobile games.

The students prepared innovation exchange contest in different 5 groups, discussingabout “one Belt one Road” design products or projects. Mr.Yang Bao and other well-known entrepreneurship instructor from Ministry of Education National Higher Education Information and Employment Guidance Center work as the group counselors and judges. After intense discussion and preparation, the students showed their designs on-site. The creativity and vision of the students, won the praise of judges and the audience. Pius and Seybou participated in the innovative business project "Marco Polo --- Your world's Virtual Tour Guide" won the First Prize of the Chinese and International Students Innovation Exchange Contest.

Through this event, international students furtherly understand Beijing as a cultural center, international exchanges and scientific and technological innovation center, inspire their enthusiasm for traditional Chinese culture, deepen their understanding of China's innovation and entrepreneurship ecology. With the national “one Belt one Road” strategy to promote and optimize the relevant policy environment, College of International Education will take the opportunity to further develop the academic advantages, and vigorously promote the internship, employment and entrepreneurship, improving the quality of upbringing of international students to march toward a new step!