发布时间:2017-7-27 17:35:53

July 20, College of International Education of Beijing University of Technology was invited to participate in the opening ceremony of 2017 Beijing International Youth Tourism Festival as co-organizer, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, China Railway Museum, Chaoyang District Commission of Tourism Development, Beijing Ershang (Group) CO., LTD. Kangtai Culture Branch CO., and related leadership in fraternal Universities attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Wang Wei, the Dean of College of International Education,conferred Beijing Ershang Exhibition Centre which is affiliated to Beijing Ershang (Group) CO., LTD. Kangtai Culture Branch CO., the title of "Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Base for International Students of Beijing University of Technology". More than 20 international students of College of International Education attended the opening ceremony and offered wonderful song and dance show.

2017 Beijing International Youth Tourism Festival activities are held around the theme of "Creating Silk Bridge, Sharing Chinese Dream", rely on Beijing's rich tourist resources and traditional cultural heritage, focus on launching five major theme activities: "Bridge of Civilization","Bridge of Openning", " Bridge of Prosperity "," Bridge of Innovation "," Bridge of Peace ". College of International Education is invited to organize international students tofully participate in this event, our international students are going to havethe opportunity to join in Chinese painting, calligraphy, Chinese martial arts,culinary arts, traditional crafts experience and many other cultural exchange activities.

Beijing Ershang Exhibition Centre is an important platform  to show Beijing famous time-honored brands, it owns Beijing LIUBIJU Food co, LTD., Beijing WANG ZHIHE Food co, LTD., Beijing GONGYIFU Food co, LTD., Beijing YUESHENGZHAI Food co, LTD. and other time-honored brands. As our first "Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Base for International Students", the two sides will expand more in-depth cooperation in the future. "Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Base" will provide a platform for international students to touch Chinese time-honored brands and understand the charm of Chinese traditional culture and non-heritage skills. College of International Education will take this opportunity to strengthen exchange and cooperation with Beijing traditional institutions through the geographical advantage, and provide a more in-depth and extensive Chinese traditional cultural experience for our international students to cultivate outstanding international talents with strong Chinese feelings.