Graduation Ceremony for International Students 2017 Spring Semster

发布时间:2017-7-10 10:25:20

In the afternoon of June 21st, 2017, College of International Education held graduation ceremony for international students 2017 Spring Semester in Room 903 in the fourth Teaching Building. Zhang Hongya, Deputy Director of External Cooperation Liaison Office, Wang Wei, Dean of College of International Education and all faculty of College of International Education, together with 38 graduate students and 78 non-degree program graduates attended the ceremony.

Prof. Wang Wei, firstly congratulated the students on their successful completion of their studies at BJUT. He reviewed the students when they first came to China, being satisfied with the progress they made and harvest! He thanked the students for choosing to spend some time studying in BJUT, contributing to the construction and development of multiculturalism.

He has high expectation for the future development of the students and encourages thestudents to continue their efforts to achieve greater success in the future. He pointed out that our university is experiencing theever-changing development and continuous improvement,striving for internationalization. The conditions of College of International Education are constantly improving, working at creating better living and researching conditions for students!

Deputy Director Zhang Hongya,together with Prof. Wang Wei awarded the alumni card andgraduation album to graduates. Ms Lu Yuan, vice dean of College of International Education, award certificates to outstanding graduates and students who won Technology Innovation Award.

Hamida,Pakistani doctoral candidates, is one of the Outstanding Graduates. Hamidasaid, thanks to the teachers in BJUT for all the ways to accompany, encourageand support, to help her overcome the difficulties of studying abroad. After graduation, she will return home to teach, continue to write Sino-Pakistani friendship. Nathan, from Democratic republic of Congo spokeon behalf of graduates. Nathan said that these 5 years in BJUT for him is the most beautiful, the most precious, and the most memorable.He experienced the fear of not be able to say a sentence in Chinese, he experienced thehonor  to be one of the top ten Chinese stars in Beijing in 2013, the joy of obtaining outstanding scholarships for international students in 2015. He thanked theteachers of BJUT for taking care of him as a family. Although he will leave BJUT,and go to Tsinghua University to pursue a master's degree, he will still takeBJUT as his home in China!

In the subsequentnon-academic graduation ceremony, Prof. Zhang Xiuting, Director of Department of Chinese Education for International students declare the list of graduates, and the tutor of each class issued them certificates and alumni cards.

Mr. Yang Qi spokeon behalf of teachers from College of International Education. She expressed her affirmation and praisefor the students' efforts and payments for one semester! She was delighted with the progress made by students! At the same time,the student gave good wishes! From Class 401, a Rwandan student Aimee “Li Ke” spoke on behalf of non-degree students. He expressed gratitude to the teachers, thanked the teachers for their patient and meticulous help, academic strict requirements, selfless dedication to thestudents. They had a wonderful and unforgettable semester in Beijing, with the classmates they made a deep friendship.

In 2017, there were 38 academic diplomas and graduated with a total of 38 undergraduates, 9 undergraduates, 4 doctoral students and 121 non-degree students. Among graduates, one was nominated for top ten graduates ofthe Beijing University of Technology, one won outstanding graduate of Beijing University of Technology 2017(postgraduate), and two won outstanding graduate of Beijing University of Technology 2017 (undergraduate).