2018 Beijing University of Technology international students Winter School started smoothly

发布时间:2018-1-16 10:36:21

On January 8th,2018 Beijing University of Technology international students Winter School , themed as "International students’ tour in BJUT", started smoothly in the fourth teaching building. This 28-days winter camp attracted 127 international students from the French National University of technology, Hoseo University, Inha University, South Korean Myongji University and Chungwoon University in South Korea. 15 students who come fromFaculty of Information Technology, College of Architecture & Civil Engineering, College of Art & Design and College of International Education participated in the camp as volunteers.

2018 international students winter school winter camp to carry forward” the traditional culture and promote cultural exchanges between China and other countries "for the purpose, the College of International Education made careful preparations in the teaching content,teaching arrangements, cultural experience, class management personnel allocation etc. This camp has 196 Chinese lessons, 8 cultural workshops, 12 cultural experience activities, 3 IT frontiers lectures and 1Chinese and foreign students’ communication activities. The Chinese and foreign students will help each other and grew together in the interaction andintegration of culture.

International Students Winter School is an important platform for our school to carry out cultural exchanges with foreign friendly schools. The College of International Educationwill take the improvement of Winter School system and quality improvement as the starting point, effectively integrate and utilize school resources, build an international talent training platform for schools, promote Sino foreign cultural exchanges, and enhance the international reputation of schools.