CIE-BJUT Orientation Schedule for International Students (2017 Spring Semester)

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I Before Arrival

Date: From Jan.1st

1.Query of enrolment status and registration

New students are to visit to query admission status. Log into your individual mailbox to query the electronic edition of the new school guide, follow the instructions and prepare adequately for your studies.

2.Booking accommodation

New students with their application numbers can make accommodation reservation in the international students’ dormitory at If any difficulty is encountered, please use the following contacts.

Telephone: + 86-10-67391590.


3.Booking pickup

New students with their application numbers can book an airport pickup service at The deadline for the booking is Feb.10th , 2017. In accordance with the regulations, pickups will be on Feb 17th , 18th ,19thand 20th. Shuttles will be arranged to pick students from Terminal 3 to the apartment three times every day. Volunteers of Beijing University of Technology with a sign "Welcome to BJUT" will be waiting at international arrivals at Terminal 3 to help taking shuttle buses.

   For more enquires or in the event of any difficulty contact:

   Telephone: + 86-10-67392471.


II Accommodation

Date: From Feb.10th


New students must submit their admission notice and a valid identity documents to the front desk of Beijing university of technology’s student apartment for check-in. (Address: No.100 Pingleyuan, Chaoyang District,Beijing).

2.Kind reminders

(1)Theinternational student dormitory offers a 24-hour service. Telephone: +86-10-67391590, +86-10-67391599.


(2)The student apartment rooms are equipped bedding products. Students can bring their personal stuff for daily use.

(3)Family accommodation is not offered.

III Registration

Date: Feb. 20th -21st

1.New students must submit admission notice together with valid identity documents (Passport) and report to the Beijing University of Technology on the said date for registration. The registration will take place in the north lobby of the international student’s dormitory.

2.Payment. At the registration, students are required to pay tuition, accommodation, insurance and other fees (for details of payments please consult your admission notice). Only cash payment is accepted.

3.Materials distributing. New students will be given Student Id cards, the campus guide, the collection of foreign students’ life in Beijing university of technology, the first week schedule etc.

4.Mobile phone issues. With passport new students can buy China Mobile phone cards (SIM cards).

5.Bank card issues. New students should open a bank account with their passports in Construction Bank of China (located opposite to the South Gate of BJUT). Submitting the account name and Bank card number to person in charge at the registration

IV Visa

1.On Feb. 20th -21stResidence Permit holders can extend their residential permits on the spot. X2 holders can add entry times if necessary.

2.X1/L visa holders must undergo medical examination and submit report together with passport for residence permit extension (see article 6 of the physical examination guide). Visa extension affairs are dealt with R213, Science Building in International Office. The contact number is: +86-10-67391859. Email:

V Orientation

Time:Feb.22nd -23rd

1.Orientation may include but not limited to campus tour, visit to BJUT history museums and meeting between teachers and students, etc.

2.On Feb.22nd , 14:00-16:00, we arrange a visit to BJUT history Museum. All students are expected to meet in the lobby of International Student Dormitory at 13:40.

3.On Feb.23rdCollege of International Education will organize presentations for non-degree students.

09:00-09:40 Presentation on CLT Program (CLT Program students only. Course selection will be instructed.)

Venue: Room 903,4th Teaching Building

10:00-10:40 Presentation on CCBC Program (CCBC Program students only.)

Venue: Room 817, 4th Teaching Building

10:00-10:40 Meeting with Supervisors in EPIS Program (EPIS Program students only.)

Venue: Room 816, 4th Teaching Building

4.Orientation held by College of International Education for all International students. Content including but not limited to laws, regulations and rules of school, how to adapt to campus life, insurance claims, etc.

Date and time: Feb.23, 14:00-16:00,

Venue: Room 813, 4th Teaching Building

VI Physical Examinations


A bus will be organized at 7:00 a.m. to take students toHaidian International Travel Health Care Center for their medical examination. Skip breakfast. Remember to take the passport and RMB 400 with you. Failure to join the coach means the student will have to make the trip all by him/herself.

VII Academic Affairs

           1.Placement test for all non-degree student

Date and time: Feb.22nd , 08:30-11:30

Venue:Room 903, 4th Teaching Building

2.Check Schedule

On Feb.24th new students can check their schedule on the Notice Board in the middle hall of the 9th floor of 4th Teaching Building and in the International Student Dormitory. New students can also follow the wechat of CIE to get related information.

3.Purchase Textbooks

Time: Feb. 24th , 14:00-16:00

Venue: Hall of Library (No.22 on Campus map)


Classes begin for all new students from Feb.27th .


1.Please bring your basic needs, commonly used drugs such as painkillers, antibiotics, etc.

2.On the basis of personal preferences, you can also come along with foods with long expiration periods.

3.It is recommended that you install in your phone some Chinese translation software, for example, pleco, hanping, baidu translator, or have a pocket-sized Chinese-English dictionary.

4.It is highly suggested that you install APP. wechat, and follow bjut_CIE, for your own convenience to keep in touch with latest notice from CIE.

5.Owned personal stuff such as the shaver, Hairdryer etc. for health reasons.

6.Please prepare your national flag and some national costumes for easy participation in the numerous cultural activities organized by the college.

7.After settling down in the school, please contact your supervisorstutors or monitor in your class at your earliest convenience.

8.Chinese Language Improving class can be registered in Feb. Please note the relative information after settling down.

IX Contact Us


Wechat: bjut_CIE