Notification about Chinese Government Scholarship Status Annual Review

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Colleges and Institutions and Chinese Scholarship Students:

According to the requirements of the annual review method for the Chinese Government Scholarship, China Government Scholarship students who want to continue learning in school next year must participate in the annual review of scholarship. Students who fail to take part in the scholarship review without justifiable reasons will face scholarship cancellation. Here are the Related matters of annual review.

I. Review Targets

1.Scholarshipstudents who continue to study at BJUT in the 2017-2018 academic year (except new students enrolled in the spring of 2017);

2.Students who were originally scheduled to graduate in the July of 2017 but apply for deferred graduation and meet the deferment requirements;

3.Studentswho faced scholarship suspension or reduction last year because they failed to meet certain requirements.

II. Review Methods

1Beijing University of Technology checks the academic records andcomprehensive performances of the scholarship students in an all-round way andputs forward the scholarship review suggestions on the basis of the check results: continue to issue scholarship, suspend scholarship, resume scholarship and cancel scholarship. The scholarship review suggestions will be submitted tothe scholarship issuance organization for examination and approval.

2. Students’scholarship will continue to be granted if meeting the following requirements:

  1. Abide by rules and regulations and be friendly toChina.

  2. Be positive in studying and ensure attendance toclasses.

  3. Be qualified in academic affairs. The scriptsinclude the courses in autumn semester and daily performance in spring semesterof 2017.

  4. Graduates can follow their supervisors’instructions and develop research works.

3. Those who face the punishment of academic probation or other punishments, their scholarship will be suspended for one year if any of the followings occurs:

Students who face scholarship suspension will be deprived of scholarship from the next academic year, but they can apply for the scholarship before the end of the suspension.If their application is approved, their scholarship will be resumed from next academic year.

4. Students’ scholarship will be canceled if any of the followings occurs:

  1. Being expelled from the university;

  2. Facing scholarship suspension fortwo times in total;

  3. Failing to take part in thescholarship review without justifiable reasons.

Students who face scholarship cancellation will be deprived of scholarship from the day when the result is released and their scholarship will no longer be resumed.

III. Review Steps

1. March 22-April 5

  1. Download and print the "Form ofAnnual Review of Chinese Government Scholarship Status" (double-sidedprinting). For the first page, studentsthemselves fill in accordingly. .

  2. For the second page, tutors will make recommendation for undergraduates andsupervisors make recommendation for graduates. Deans in charge of foreigners’ affairsshould sign for their approval.

  3. Submit the "Form of AnnualReview of Chinese Government Scholarship Status " to the InternationalStudent Affairs Office (Room 814, 4th Teaching Building) before 12:00 a.m. on April5.

2. April6-17

Review meeting held by theUniversity

3. April18-24

Publicize thereview results and submit them to CSC.

College of International Education