Notice | Residence Permit Extension

发布时间:2018-5-31 17:08:35

All degree international students,

Summer vacation will begin from July 23, students whose residence permit will expire by August 31, 2018 must go to the International Student Affairs Office for the extension before July 10, 2018. Self-financed students need to pay their insurance fees in advance for the next semester. The website to buy insurance for self-pay students:

Please bring all the materials needed for the visa:

1. Passport

2. 2 Passport Pictures(2 inches, white background)

3. Registration Form of Temporary Residence and the photocopy

4. Fees for visa extension

5. Insurance receipt for self-pay student

From June 4th onwards, the passport and visa affairs of internationalstudents will be handled by the College of International Education. Please goto the 814 office of the 4thTeaching Building with all the necessary materials.

Contact: Mr. Zhang Jin


College of International Education