Safety Notice for Dragon Boat Festival Holidays

发布时间:2018-6-14 11:02:58

Dear fellowstudents,

The Dragon BoatFestival is coming soon! While enjoying the holidays, we also need to makeadjustments and arrangements for related work and study and pay attention topersonal safety during these days to enjoy this Chinese traditional holiday inpeace and joy.

The schedule for this year's Dragon BoatFestival is:

June 16 (Saturday)to June 18 (Monday), a total of 3 days.

In order to leteveryone be safe and happy to spend the holiday, we are here to remind allstudents, therefore please pay attention to the following safety precautions:

I. For those whoare travelling

  • Keep your mobile phone on and contactable all the timeduring traveling, contact the police and school in case of emergency.

  • During Traveling pay attention to traffic safety, do nottake illegally operated fake taxies, pay attention to keep your belongingssafe, to prevent property theft.

  • Consciously abide by traffic regulations; resolutelyeliminate unlicensed driving, drink driving and other illegal activities;

  • Pay attention to public health and food safety, do noteat the foods of stalls, do not go to crowded places as possible as you can, toprevent spring flu and other infectious diseases.

  • Do not swim in the sea, river or lake without securitymeasures, to avoid accidents.

II. For thosewho are staying in school

  • During stayingin school, consciously abide by all kinds of rules and regulations, keep thedormitory clean and tidy, and avoid the thing that violates the discipline.

  • Pay attention to the burglar, close the doors and windowsof your room and dormitory before leaving, do not keep cash or other valuablethings in dormitory.

  • Pay attention to fire prevention, do not use privatewiring or high-power electric appliances in the dormitory, do not smoke in thedormitory, do not storage flammable, or other explosive items.

  • Moderate entertainments in the apartment, like party andother activities, do not make loud noise which may affect others, prohibitdrunk and disorderly behavior, and do not fight.

  • Do not use drugs or sale drugs in the dormitory.

  • Anyone who is not the international student of BJUTshould not be allowed to stay overnight in the dormitory.

  • Do not participate in any unlawful assembly or processionin society.

We wish all the students a happy and pleasantholiday.

College of International Education