Chinese Government Scholarship - Outstanding International Students’ Scholarship Program

发布时间:2016-12-20 14:08:55

·Qualified students

The "Outstanding students Scholarship" are meant for Beijing University of Technology’s full-time undergraduate students (Grade 2 and above) and full-time graduate students (Grade 2 and above)

·Basic Requirements

1. Excellent academic performance with strong learning and research skills.

2. Good and friendly attitude towards China and have good performances in China.

3. Law-abiding,physically and mentally sound, all-round development.

4.Active participation in various academic and social activities with outstanding deeds is much preferred.

5. Priorities will be given to students with economic difficulties under the same conditions.

·Recommended procedures

1. Students must submit the application form and supporting documents to their various department or scientific research institutes.

2. All departments and research institutions will review the documents and recommend one candidate for the award.

3. A  Review Committee organized by College of International Education will then review the recommended candidates and select the best ones.

4. The candidates will be submitted for publicity in the school.

5. Recommendations will then be made to the CSC secretariat.

The CSC secretariat will then organize experts to review all the recommended candidate according to their academic situation, the scientific research ability, performance, etc. in China and finally determine the winning candidates.