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2018 Spring Semester Welcoming Ceremony & Orientation for International Students successfully held

Date:2018-03-02  Source:   ClickTimes:

On March 1st, Beijing University of Technology held welcome ceremony and orientation for new international students in the room 903, fourth teaching building for the year2018 spring semester. Prof. Wu Bin, Vice President of BJUT, Prof. Wang Wei, Directorof International Office, Dean of the College of International Education, andall faculties and staffs of the College of International Education participatedin this event.

At first, VicePresident, Prof. Wu Bin warmly welcomed international students and briefed the students on the development of school and international development strategy. President Wu encouraged international students to study hard and think independently under the guidance of teachers, and also actively participate in colorful community activities at this beautiful campus of BJUT. He hopes that all the new students could enjoy every day in BJUT, and be knowledgeable, energized and accomplished!

Representative students of CIE expressed their welcome to the new classmates by singing the school song "Tomorrow"! HYNES KARENITA, a CLT student from Ireland, FONTAINESEBASTIEN, an EPIS student from France, and SARHKISJAN DAVID, a CCBC student from the Netherlands, spoke on behalf of freshmen. HYNES KARENITA said she chose to come to BJUT as an exchange student because her friends told her that BJUT is good and the teachers here are very nice. She was very happy to choose BJUT. FONTAINE SEBASTIEN said that this is his first trip to Beijing, everything here made him feel good, he is looking forward to his upcoming academic life.SARHKISJAN DAVID said he is very satisfied with the campus environment and facilities of BJUT. He will learn about Chinese culture here. On behalf of all teachers, teacher ZhangBishu welcomed the students and said that all the teachers of CIE will help new students to adapt to the new environment, perceive Chinese culture and will fullysupport them in fulfilling their own ideals.

In the subsequent enrollment education, Tang Yi, the police officer from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Exit and Entry Administration, officers to international students to preach Chinese laws and regulations to remind international students to comply with legal requirements, respect for cultural differences, the successful completion of their studies. Teacher from College of International Education Ms. Wu Dan who deals international students affairs in office, explained campus life, daily behavioral norms, international student medical insurance.

In spring semester of 2018, the College of International Education enrolled 75 international students from 14 different countries. 64 of them are exchange students from inter-university exchange institutions. They will study with the EPIS,CCBC and CLT programs in the school. The College of International Education will continue to broaden the channels of scholarships, expanding the scale of international students, improving the training level, optimizing the source structure, to contribute and promote the development of internationalization of disciplines.

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