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BJUT organized propagandist activities of anti-drug education for international students

Date:2018-03-09  Source:   ClickTimes:

In order to further strengthen the awareness of the harm of drug and improve the ability of students to resist drugs and consciousness of participating in the anti-drug struggle, CIE held a series of anti-drug education for international students in the western student apartment on 8th March. The theme of this series of activities is "healthy life, with green and non-toxic", covering the lectures of anti-drug law , watching anti-drug video, learning anti-virus propaganda manual and signing anti-drug commitment letter.More than 200 students participated in this activity.

"Drugs are detrimental for our body and negatively affect our society and lives." After watching the propaganda film, Fahan, a Pakistani international student, said he should resolutely resist drugs. Through this instructional speech, we have strengthened the international students’ awareness of the dangers of drugs, enhanced the ability of students to resist drugs, and strengthened their conviction in drug resistance.

CIE will continue to pay more emphasize on this kind of series of activities such as anti-drug publicity and education on campus, establish the mechanism of prevention and control for campus safety risks, strengthen the management of international student services and create a favorable and benign atmosphere for foreign students learning and life.

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