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Notice for School Staff During Epidemic Prevention and Control

Date:2020-03-24  Source:   ClickTimes:

I. Increase awareness of the overall situation, add great importance to the prevention and control of novel coronavirus, and fully understand the importance and urgency of epidemic prevention and control.

II. According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, participate in daily personal temperature monitoring and health management and report relevant personal information in detail on time.

III. No more than six people are allowed in a dormitory. While two or more people live in the same dormitory or in the same room, everyone should pay attention to strengthening personal protection, wear mask and keep distance from each other of not less than one meter.

IV. Adopt good living habits, eat on time, avoid overeating, do moderate exercise, do not sit, stand, lie down, or use mobile of computer for long time. Work regularly, ensure proper sleep, maintain a comfortable mood, pay attention to cold and stay warm. Consider the epidemic scientifically and rationally to avoid unnecessary panic and anxiety.

V. Maintain good indoor environment, keep bed, cloths, table, chair, ground and other supplies clean and strengthen indoor ventilation.

VI. Maintain good personal hygiene habit. Use soap or hand sanitizer frequently and wash your hands with water, especially after the following situations: coughing, sneezing (pay attention to your mouth and nose are covered with tissue), before and after meals, touching eyes, nose, mouth, etc. before wearing a mask, contact after exchanging coins, holding handrails, door handles, pressing elevator buttons, or other frequently used public equipment, facilities, .

VII. When entering public areas, including but not limited to elevators, corridors, aisles, canteens, supermarkets and other places, masks must be worn. Do not wear the same mask for a long time, it should be replaced in time. Please put the discarded masks in the special mask collection bin set on the campus (the discarded mask collection bin are located in the west gate of the school, the southeast gate of the school, the east side of the science building, the south gate of the Olympic stadium, and the 8th dormitory building , North side of the north playground).

VIII. Please be sure to wear a mask before enter to the cafeteria, it is recommended to bring your own lunch box. If dining in the cafeteria, please eat at the designated area.

IX. All units shall strengthen the management of students staying on campus, and shall not be allowed to enter and leave the campus at will for no reason.

X. During the epidemic prevention and control, all employed personnel are prohibited from taking part-time jobs outside the school.

XI. If there is fever (body temperature> 37.3 ℃) along with respiratory symptoms such as sore throat, cold, cough, etc. the staff should promptly go to the nearby hospital and report immediately. If necessary, a list of close contacts and places of recent activities should also be provided. Meanwhile, can call the school hospital's consultation phone: 67391546, the school hospital will provide teachers and students 24-hour consultation services.

XII. School stuffs are required to strictly abide by the above matters, be responsible for their own health and safety, be responsible for the health and safety of others, and jointly take part in epidemic prevention and control.

XIII. Chaoyang District issued a fever clinic medical institution (see attachment)

New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention Logistics Medical Security Team

Beijing University of Technology

Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control

Medical Security Team

February 24, 2020

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