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A Letter to All International students in BJUT(II)

Date:2020-03-24  Source:   ClickTimes:

Dear Students,

With everyone's joint efforts, the effects of epidemic prevention and control across the country has been appearing. Beijing has already initiated a first-level response mechanism for public health emergencies, and prevention and control of pneumonia outbreaks of novel coronavirus infection has become a top priority. School have also adapted strict control over the campus. Before the epidemic is over, students are requested to improve their precautionary measures and actively take measures to protect them. We hope you can pay more attention to your health, reduce unnecessary outing, wash your hands frequently, and wear mask.

In order to protect you and everyone around you, we remind everyone to stay in the current location.

1. Studnets who are abroad do not return to China; students who are outside Beijing do not return to Beijing; and students who are in Beijing now do not travel to other cities in China.

2. We also remind not returning to Beijing or return to the University in advance until further notice on opening time.

3. Students who plan to go back to their home country should tell their counselors or class advisors about their itinerary in advance.

We believe that as long as we work together, we will be able to win this battle against the epidemic. Best of Luck China! Best of Luck Wuhan!

College of International Education

Novel Corona Epidemic Prevention and Control Team

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