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● General Affairs Office

Responsibilities:human resources, information construction, public relations, fixed assets management, finance, document management, infrastructure & security, etc.

● Admission Office

Responsibilities:recruitment & admission of international students, promotional materials, scholarship applications of new students, exploration of recruitment channels, establishment of high-quality student source bases, system of supervisors for graduate students, management of non-degree programs, etc.

● Academic Affairs Office

Responsibilities:teaching management, operation &quality monitoring, management of student status & academic records, including transfer of school & major, suspension & detention, graduation & completion, development of degree programs, etc.

● Student Affairs Office

Responsibilities:scholarship affairs, management of daily & emergent affairs, student behavior guidance, student activities,student clubs, alumni affairs, career development and student adaptation, etc.

● Student Service Office

Responsibilities:infrastructure construction, maintenance, asset management and staff management at the International Dormitory, management of the front desk, maintenance, guards, & cleaning, etc.

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