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Q&A on Applying for Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Postgraduate Program at Beijing University of Technology 2023

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Part 1:Scholarship Introduction

1.1 Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Postgraduate Program at Beijing University of Technology

Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Postgraduate Program at Beijing University of Technology is a full scholarship program sponsored by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).

To apply Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Postgraduate Program at Beijing University of Technology, you are required to apply through both of CSC and Beijing University of Technology online application system.

CSC System: https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn

Beijing University of Technology International Student Online Application System: https://bjut.17gz.org

Beijing University of Technology will be responsible for the admission of the scholarship.

§ Stage I: 1 November -23 December 2022

§ Stage II: 2 January -28 February 2023

It is advised to apply as soon as possible as stage II may not be open if excessive number of applications are received)

1.2 International Travel Expense

The Scholarship does not cover any travel costs.

1.3 Full Time Program

This program is a full-time postgraduate's program. Application of part-time students will not be accepted.

1.4 Study Period

1. Master Program(in Chinese):3 years

2.Master Program(in English):2 years

3.Doctoral Program:4 years

1.5 Values of Scholarship:

Please visit https://www.campuschina.org to get funding criteria.

The scholarship does not cover any travel costs.

Part 2:Scholarship Eligibility

2.1 Requirements of English-Medium Programs

- TOEFL 85+;

- IELTS 6.5+

- TOEIC 750+;

- Duolingo English Test 110+;

- The instruction language is English in senior high school or above study period.

2.2 Requirements of Chinese -taught Programs

To apply for programs taught in Chinese, applicants should hold a HSK 4 or above lever certificate or have completed their high school diploma or above degree in Chinese;

2.3 Expected Graduation Certificate

1.Applicants who are going to graduate before August 15, 2023 and cannot submit their graduation certificates during the application process, are required to submit Certificate of Expected Graduation Date issued by the university studying currently.

2.Original Graduate Certificate and Degree Certificate are required to be submitted when registering at Beijing University of Technology, otherwise registration will be refused, and your qualification of admission and scholarship will be canceled according to regulations.

2.4 Age Requirements

Applicants should be under the age of 35 when applying for master's programs and under the age of 40 when applying for doctoral program.

2.5 Language Study Programs

Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Postgraduate Program at Beijing University of Technology does NOT sponsor any language study program, for example Chinese, English etc.

Part 3: Scholarship Application Procedures and Required Documents

3.1 Application Online

Applicants should apply for Chinese Government Scholarship High-level Postgraduate Program online through BOTH the CSC system (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn) and the Beijing University of Technology International Student Online Application System(https://bjut.17gz.org. Lack of registration in any of these two systems will caused your application invalid and your documents will not be reviewed.

Please note: The “Program Category” should be “Type B” and the “Agency Number” of Beijing University of Technology is 10005 in CSC system.

3.2 Application Period

Online application starts from Nov. 1, 2022 to Feb. 28, 2023.

3.3 Hardcopy Application Forms not to be Accepted

For 2023 application we only accept the application from online system. No hard copy of mail delivery application will be accepted anymore.

3.4 Requirements of Application Documents

1.Applicants are required to prepare the application documents carefully and ensure all documents submitted are authentic, accurate and complete.

2.The applicants who provide false information or forgery documents will be rejected by Beijing University of Technology for next five years.

3.For successful candidates, Beijing University of Technology will examine all original application documents when registering at B Beijing University of Technology. The admission qualification of candidates will be canceled in case of falsification or incompletion.

3.5 Recommendation Letters and Transcripts

Two recommendation letters should be provided by professors, associate professors, or experts of similar status. Official transcripts with stamp of university will be accepted for application.

3.6 Supervisor Acceptance Letter

Applicants are encouraged to establish contact BJUT professors  in advance to determine their majors, supervisor, and research directions.

3.7 Major selection

Your major choice in both BJUT and CSC application system should be the same, and be consistent with the major of your supervisor.

3.8 Update Passport Information Timely

1. If you do not have passport or your passport is renewing when you are applying online, you should fill out or renew your passport information timely upon getting new passport. Otherwise, the admission documents generated automatically will miss your passport information or use wrong information. In this case your visa application may be refused by Chinese Embassy.

2. All information filled in the Application Form on line should be accurate and any incorrect information revision in the Application Form, including the passport name, passport No., mailing address, email address and telephone number etc., may have a grave negative impact on making Admission Notice, mailing the admission documents and applying a visa after the Application Form to be submitted online.

3.9 Physical Examination

1.Physical Examination Form should be submitted together with Blood Test Results. The Physical Examination Form can be downloaded from the website of Beijing University of Technology. Physical examination should be done in a qualified hospital.

2. When you arrive in China, it is required to re-examine in the Chinese quarantine institute or hospital and if you are detected having diseases which makes you unsuitable for study in China, you will be immediately requested to leave for home country at your own expenses.

3.10 Application Fee

If you choose to pay application fee through bank remittance service, it is required that applicants provide the receipt of application fee payment with the other application documents; otherwise it will affect the admission or delay the application process. The Application fee is not refundable.

3.11 Bank Information

Accounts Name : Beijing University of Technology

Bank of Open Account: Beijing Guang Qu Road Subbranch Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Accounts: 02 0000 3709 0890 28526


Note: please fill application No. (11 digits)and passport No. in remittance information

Part 4: Submission of Application Documents

4.1 Submit Application Documents

For 2023 application , all the application materials will be collected via the Beijing University of Technology International Student Online Application System(https://bjut.17gz.orgPlease upload the application documents according to the content and format required in the material list within the specified time. Applications with incomplete materials or incorrect format will not be accepted. Please check the material review status in the system in time to confirm your material application progress and modification.

4.2 Application deadline

Application deadline is Feb. 28, 2023. Applications received later than Feb. 28, 2023 will not be accepted.  

It is strongly suggested to submit the application and documents as early as possible due to the limited scholarship quotas.

4.3 Ensuring Complete and Accurate Information

It is vital important for applicants to make sure the information provided in Application Form and the List of Application Documents are complete and accurate, including the post address, telephone, and mobile phone number as well as Email Address because the Email, Telephone and post address will be used in the application and admission processes and for mailing the admission documents accurately.

After submitting the application in CSC system, if it is necessary to withdraw, please submit the application form again after the modification, otherwise it will be treated that the application has not been submitted.

Part 5: Scholarship Admission

5.1 Inquiring the Process and Result of Admission

Beijing University of Technology will organize document review, preliminary interview, and academic interview in batches. Interview will be online, through ClassIn or Tencent meeting. The best candidates will be selected according to the comprehensive evaluation results. The admission results will be published in stages through the website of College of International Education, BJUT . Please log on the website of College of International Education and check out personal emails regularly to stay up to date.

5.2 Publishing Admission Result

Admission list will be publicized by stages and in groups through the website of Beijing University of Technology upon completion of admission process.

5.3 Being not in the Admission List

If you have received the Confirmation Letter from Beijing University of Technology but are not in the admission list, you may have been admitted by another University you applied for. In such scenario, please contact the universities you have applied for to confirm. Applicants can only be admitted by one university.

5.4 Major and supervisor is NOT changeable

Major and supervisor cannot be changed after admission confirmation.

Otherwise, your continued access to the scholarship of this program will be affected negatively.

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