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Graduation (Completion)

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Part one: Degree Students Graduation (Completion), and Procedures for Leaving University


Degree Students must to complete the course credits, dissertation and thesis defense set forth in teaching program, and also students should be examined and approved by both College Sub-Academic Degrees Committee and University Academic Degrees Committee to get the diploma and degree certificate.


Undergraduate Students must submit the Clearance Form to collect the graduation certificate and degree certificate. Postgraduate students need to submit the Clearance Form, Degree Registration Form, Student Handbook, School Handbook, Evaluation of Dissertation Submission, Registration Form of Achievement, Dissertation and etc. to collect the graduation certificate and degree certificate.


Part Two: Non-Degree Students Completion, and Procedures for Leaving University


Non-degree students should complete total 20 credits program (including Compulsory and elective course) to get the certificate. After the graduation ceremony, students can get their certificate and academic records from the Teaching Affairs Office, the College of International Education.

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