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BJUT Id Card

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The BJUT Id Card combines the functions of internet, meal card, water card, bath card and library card into one card. All international students are entitled to have BJUT Id Card after registration. Detailed usage and directives are as follows:

The Id card can be used as a:

1. Meal card

Swipe the Idcard in front of a card reader, and the consumption amount will be automatically deducted from the balance on your card.

2.Library cardonly for Degree student

You can borrow book from the Library using your Id card.

Place the Id card on a card reader and wait for the librarian to finish scanning the borrowed books.

3.Water Card

Put the Id card on the card reader by the Heater should you need hot water. You will be charged for the service. You are given¥10 water allowance every month, which is not allowed to be withdrawn or be used for any other purpose.

How to report lost ID card and apply for a new one?

Should your ID card get lost, please report immediately at the BJUT Card Self-Service Machine available at vantage points in the University campus and the dormitories as well.

To apply for a new ID card, please present the Letter of Certification issued by International Student Office and pay 30 Yuan at Room 104, Information Building for a replacement.

Where to deposit money onto your BJUT Id Card?

Monday ~ Friday 8:00-17:00, R102, Information Center (no.31 on campus map). You can also change your password here.

Please note that, balance left on the card is not refundable, make sure your balance is 0 when leaving the university.

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