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Out-patient Medical Treatment Guide

Date:2020-11-09  Source:   ClickTimes:

The coverage of the group medical insurance: when an international student needs medical care in a public hospital due to accident or illness, he/she or the companion should call the service line400-810-5119 ext.1for insurance assistance. The service personnel will ask for the student's passport number to confirm the validity of the insurance, give some instructions or transfer to an on-duty doctor for further advice.

During the medical treatment in the hospital, the student or the companion should keep all the invoices, medical records and diagnostic documents, to make a claim for the insurance.

Contact Ms. HU of the College of International Education to help contact the insurance agent to handle the claims.

Notice: Only the general sections in public hospitals in mainland of China is supported by the insurance. Treatment in private hospitals, VIP sections and hospitals outside mainland China are not covered.

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