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Tai Chi and Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Lecture

Date:2020-11-10  Source:   ClickTimes:

On January 6thin the afternoon, Mr. Zou Chang jun, the Co-founder and senior Tai Chi coach of Gan En Tai Chi School, was invited to the College of International Education of BJUT to perform an incredible "Tai Chi and Chinese traditional martial arts "lecture. This lecture was the first of a series of lectures on "Traditional Chinese Martial Art Culture" by Tai Chi Culture Club of the College of International Education.

Mr. Zou started from the structure of the human body, scientifically explained the benefits of Tai Chi for keeping fit and self-defense. Tai Chi is also known as philosophical boxing, because it contains a yin and yang conversion, the unity of opposites of philosophy. At the same time, Tai Chi values the overall advance and retreat attack and defense; whenever one practices the whole body should be one and be in the state of harmony. Tai Chi exercises seem to be slow, less-dynamic, weak, but in reality it is a steel wrapped in cotton. It is powerful, once the inside energy is released.

At the beginning , Mr. Zou taught studentsZhan Zhuang(stand like a tree).Zhan Zhuangis the basic skill of traditional Chinese martial arts. Insisting on practice can improve the overall quality of the body, energy, willpower. While explaining Mr.Zou also demonstrated several areas as the stature, sight, idea. Students were taking this unique type of martial art wit huge interest and curiosity.

Afterwards Mr. Zou asked the students to practiceYun Shou, and told about the usage ofYun Shou. Vividly explained what it meant of "Adversary doesn’t know me, but I know my adversary clearly." Then, the students from Tai Chi Cultural Club came to the stage and Mr. Zou shared personal experience of Tai Chi with them!

Mamat, Navy, Ali, Michelle from Preparatory classes came to the stageand push hands with the master . Through this confrontational exercise, Zou explained some professional terms, such as "structure", "overall strength", "loose", which are very difficult to express clearly with words.

During the lecture, the students were excited and heard cheers and applause from time to time. Many students were accelerated, eager to come to power and to earn from teacher. Just an hour lecture soon ended. After the end of the seminar many students kept going to the stage for more information.

The "Tai Chi and traditional Chinese martial arts" lectures for Chi Cultural Club collective activities this semester draw a satisfactory conclusion. Members of the Tai Chi Club will practice on their own during the holidays. The next semester, "Chinese traditional martial arts culture series lectures" will continue to invite Tai Chi martial arts masters into the campus with the students learn from the exchange!

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