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Beijing University of Technology (here in after referred to as "BJUT") is one of the first universities to carry out education for international students in China. In 1990, BJUT recruited its first international student. In 2002, with approval from the Ministry of Education, BJUT set up a program named "Chinese Language and Culture" for international students. In 2005, Geraldine John Kikwasi from Tanzania received a doctoral degree in Management and became the first international student to receive a doctoral degree at BJUT. BJUT College of International Education (here in after referred to as "CIE") was established in 2011, operating in the International Office of BJUT. In 2012, according to the adjustment launched by the Ministry of Education, the "Chinese Language and Culture" program was renamed as "Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages", qualified to award a Bachelor Degree of Arts. In May of 2016, CIE separated from the International Office and became an independent institute of teaching and scientific research. So far, BJUT has cultivated around 10,000 international students from more than 100 countries.

CIE is mainly responsible for the enrollment, teaching, scholarship, visa and daily management of the international students at BJUT. CIE is also responsible for the construction of the program of "Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages", the compulsory courses, cultural courses and Chinese courses for all international students. After many years’ efforts, CIE has built a well-organized system of international student cultivation, offering many degree and non-degree programs. At present, international students can study and be awarded with degrees in around 67 bachelor programs, 33 master programs and 20 doctoral programs. CIE has also developed 2-year fully English-taught master’s programs in Information, Urban Construction, Materials and Manufacturing, and Chinese Economy and Society. The non-degree programs in CIE, such as the Engineering Program for International Students, Chinese Contemporary Business and Culture and Doing Business in China, are very popular choices for international students.

In recent years, CIE recruits annually more than 1000 international students, among whom approximately 60% are degree-seeking students. Now, CIE has the qualification of recruiting international students through the China Government Scholarship Program, the Confucius Institute Scholarship Program and the Beijing Municipal Government Scholarship. CIE is also one of the HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Centers designated by Hanban and the Confucius Institute.

International education is an important part of the internationalization of higher education in China and plays an important role in China’s overall diplomatic strategy. It is of strategic significance for the promotion of the international competitiveness and international influence of the university. BJUT CIE sincerely welcomes excellent international students from all countries and regions to study here and achieve their personal and greater dreams in order to make a better future together.

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