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Urgent Advisory for Int'l Students During COVID-19 Outbreak

Date:2020-03-24  Source:   ClickTimes:

Dear International Students,

Currently the COVID-19 is spreading at a global scale, please keep the following reminders in mind.

1. About your own safety and well-being

Do not forget to wear masks, wash hands frequently, maintain good ventilation, avoid gatherings, etc.

2. About return to China

Don't schedule any return trips to China until you've been officially informed about return to the university.

3. About daily health report

Make sure to submit daily health reports, and fill in the data truthfully. Avoid being punished for mistakes as we care for health of all the students.

4. About academic affairs

The university will guide you to complete the schedule of the academic plan. Continue to carry out online learning with teachers and help each other to improve the quality of learning.

5. About your leisure time

We welcome you all to actively participate in various online cultural and academic exchange activities organized by College of International Education.

Novel Coronavirus Epidemic Prevention and Control Team

College of International Education

March 19, 2020

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