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Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) was established in 1960,in the southeast industrial area of Beijing. It is a high-level multi-disciplinary research university providing programs in science, engineering, economics, management, literature, law, art and education, with engineering as a core focus.

In 1981, BJUT was approved as one of the first universities in China to confer Master’s Degrees. In 1985, BJUT was approved to confer Doctoral Degrees. In 1996, BJUT entered the list of key universities in the national “211 Project”. In 2017, BJUT officially entered the list of universities in the national “Double First-Class” Initiative. In 2022, 9 disciplines including Engineering, Materials Sciences, Chemist, Environment & Ecology, Computer Science, Biology & Biochemist, General Social Sciences, Physics and Geosciences entered Top 1% of the ESI Rankings, among which Engineering ranked Top 1‰.


General information

1. Language of Instruction: Chinese

2. Registration Date: September 2024

(The specific date will be published on the admission notice)

3. Application Duration: 1 November 2023-31 May 2024

4. Application Fee: 500 Yuan (remittance only, please refer to the end of this article for details)

5. Tuition Fee: RMB 21,000 yuan/year

6. Scholarship: Beijing Government Scholarship (Tuition only)

7. Program Duration: 1-2 year


Program Objectives

This program assists students to prepare themselves with qualified Chinese language competence and basic knowledge in mathematics and physics to meet the entry requirements of BJUT’s degree programs.

The program offers two levels to cater the needs of students with different language levels. Graduates from level I can apply for programs in arts, business and management, and graduates from level II can apply for programs in science and engineering.



1. Scholarship for new students

Level I: students can apply for half-tuition funding

Level II: students can apply for full-tuition funding

2. Excellent Academic Awards

Program graduates with excellent academic performance and have received BJUT degree program offers may apply for this special awards. To apply, students should meet the following requirements:

  • Students in level I: to achieve HSK5 180+ and pre-university program GPA in top 30%

  • Students in level II: to achieve HSK5 220+ and pre-university program GPA in top 30%

3. Undergraduate scholarship

Pre-university program graduates have priority in application for undergraduate scholarships.




Class I

Liberal   Arts & Business

Class II

(Sciences & Engineering)

Basic Chinese

(two semesters,

40 hours/week

Covering Chinese language and skills required   by HSK 4

Covering Chinese language and skills required   by HSK 5

Scientific/Business Chinese

Business Chinese

(2nd semester, 64 hours)

Scientific Chinese

(1st semester, 64 hours)

Basic Mathematics

(96 hours)

2nd semester

two semesters

Basic Physics

(64 hours)

2nd semester

Engineering Chinese

(depending on students’ targeted majors in   undergraduate programs, such as Civil Engineering Chinese)

2nd semester, 64 hours

Chinese Culture

Various elective courses in Chines cultures

Academic Practices

Chinese language and academic course practices  


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport and in good physical and mental health;

2. Applicants should be over 18 and under 24 years old;

3. Degree or diploma: Applicant should provide a high school or above certificate;

4. Language

  • Level I: no entrance requirement for Chinese language level;

  • Level II: Applicants shall have passed HSK 3 180 or above, otherwise they need to take entrance exam.

5. Applicant should have sufficient financial capability for studying and living in China.

Application Documents

1. Application form (completed online at http://bjut.17gz.org)

2. Personal information page in the passport (Expiry date later than 30 September 2024)

3. Highest Education Diploma (notarized photocopy or original one in Chinese or English) or Certificate (in Chinese or English) of expected graduation date from the high school

4. Notarized transcripts for all years in high school (in Chinese or English)

5. Curriculum Vitae

6. Photocopy of New HSK-4 or above certificate

7. Photocopy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form. (Click to download  Foreign Physical Examination From)

8. Non-criminal Record Certificate

9. Certificate from the financial guarantor of the applicant and bank statement (Click to download Letter of Guarantee template)


Bank information

Accounts Name: Beijing University of Technology

Bank of Open Account: Beijing Guang Qu Road Subbranch Bank Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

Accounts: 0200 0037 0908 9028 526


Note: please fill application no. (11 digits) and passport no. in remittance information


Contact Us

Admission Office

College of International Education

Beijing University of Technology

Address: R814, No.4 Teaching Building,

Beijing University of Technology, #100, Ping Le Yuan, Chaoyang District, Beijing, 100124, P. R. China

Website: https://bjutcie.bjut.edu.cn

Email: exchange@bjut.edu.cn

Tel: +86-10-67391762, 67391858

Fax: +86-10-67391762 

Should there be any change in the above content, Beijing University of Technology reserves the right of final interpretation. For more detailed information, please visit our website or official WeChat for 2024 BJUT International Admission Prospectus (EN/FR/KR/RU).


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