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Pre-arrival Preparations

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I. Apply for a Student Visa

When applying for a visa, you need to provide avalid passport, admission notice and the visa application form (also known asJW201, JW202 forms). Please apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country for a visa to study in China (X1 or X2 visa).

When you get your passport and visa, please make sure that the embassy returns to you your Admission Notice. This is animportant document that you need to provide to the Public Security Bureau when you apply for a permit to stay in China.

X1 visa is valid for 30 days, that is, within 30days after entry, you need to apply for residence permit so that you can legally live in China for the duration provided by the residence permit.Therefore, it isNOTrecommended to arrivetoo early at the university since one can only apply for a residence permitafter registration.

II. Accommodation

1. On-campus accommodation

Beijing University of Technology has studentapartments which provide accommodation for foreign students. The capacity of these apartments is limited with the growing number of foreign students, and cannot meet the requirement of all the students staying on campus. Students who wishto live in the on-campus apartments are to prepare in advance and in accordance with the provisions of the admission notice sent "Beijing University of Technology foreign students on campus apartment reservation" time and processes, timely book an accommodation on the online booking system. Website:http://bjut.17gz.org

2. Off-campus accommodation

When renting a house, it is advised to seek the helpof your friends who already know the system or even ask your Chinese friends to help you (if you have). You should be careful in choosing an agency and carefully read before signing a lease / contract.

III. Reporting Late Arrival if Necessary

All students are supposed to report and register on the stipulated date stated in the admission notice. If you can't register on time,please write a letter of permission stating the reasons for the late reporting,and send to the Admissions Office (Email:admission@bjut.edu.cn)

Within two weeks after the registration date, allwho failed to report and did not seek leave of late reporting will have their admission cancelled.

IV. Issue of Money

With regards to tuition fees, accommodation,insurance, living expenses, and so on, it is recommended that you exchange some RMB in your own countries before coming to China, or prepare one or two debitcards (Master Card, Visa Card etc.) that can be used in China and you can apply for a Chinese debit card after arrival in China. We suggest that students carry around RMB 5000 Yuan (to cover your visas, medical examinations verification,living expenses, accommodation, food and transport costs). Please be vigilant when making payments and collect all payment receipts for your own good.

V. Registration Requirements

1. Passport (must be within the required validity)

2. Six copies of a two- inch size photos with whitebackground

3. Admission notice (original)

4. Visa application form JW201/JW202 (original)

VI. Other Preparations

1. Students studying Chinese-taught programs are tochoose Chinese names in advance.

2. Please come along with your own personal medication such as painkillers, antibiotics,etc.

3. Based on personal preference, you can also come along with foods with long expiration dates.

4. It is recommended that you install in phonetranslation software such as Pleco, Hanping, Baidu Translator, or have a Pocket Chinese-English Dictionary.

5. You can also come along with stuffs such asshavers, hair dryers, etc. for your personal use.

6. Kindly have your national flag and some national/traditional costumes with you for use during the international day celebrations and other cultural activities.

7. On arrival on campus, please contact your supervisor to inform him or her about your arrival.

8. College of International education will be offering Chinese improvement lectures for students to improve their Chinese forone semester. Please pay attention to this new information on the notice board.

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