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Guide for Visa

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I. What type of visa I need to hold when I study in China?

You can study in China by holding these two kinds of visa:

1.X1Visa is for people studying in China for more than 6 months. Once issued, it allows applicants 30 days to register at the international student office of their university and apply for a residence permit, otherwise will be treated as illegal residence.

2.X2visa is for people engaging in short-term (less than 6 months) academic activities in China. It specifies how many days in total applicants are allowed to stay in China on the visa page.

II. How to apply for visa to China?

1.You may apply forX1/X2Visa at the Chinese Consulate/Embassy in your home country. Kindly bring along your valid passport, the original copy of Admission Notice from BJUT and Visa Applicationfor Study in China (JW202/101) form.

2. Please consult the embassy to check if the“Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” is necessary for your visa application.`

3. Do make sure that the original copies of the Admission Notice andJW 202/201formare handed back to you after obtaining your Chinese visa. These documents are mandatory for application of visa extension upon your arrival in Beijing.

III. What if I am in China now and hold other types of visa?

1. Residence permit holders should extend it 30 daysbefore the expiration date.

2. Other types of visa holders should ensure that there are at least 7 days before its expiration date when registering, and change it into visa for studying.

3. Stop visa holders are not allowed to apply for visa in China.

IV. How to apply for residence permit?

TheX1 visais valid only for 30 days after entry. Students holding X1 visas have toapply for residence permitat least 5 working days prior to the expiration date. The steps of the application are as follows:

1. Register in the College of International Education and pay for tuition and medical insurance.

2. If you have not taken the physical examination(including blood test), you must take it at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center (Haidian Branch). If you have a report from a doctor of your own country, you shall verify it at Beijing International Travel Healthcare Center. If the report is cannot be verified, you shall re-take the physical examination at the Center.

3. Get the Visa Application Permit from the International Students Office.

4. Submit the documents to the authorized visa service agency, the Trader-Link agency.

For more information about the application for residence permit, residence permit extension, visa extension, new passport,etc., please consult MS Zhou in Exit & Entry Office.

V. When should I arrive at BJUT?

The school does not accept foreign students reporting before the stipulated date in the admission notice and does not also accept visas or residential permits that will expire before check-informalities and registration date.Therefore, be advised to schedule well your entry into China in order to avoid your visa expiring before the prescribed date of registration and other unnecessary trouble.

Your visa must be valid for over one month after registration to allow for visa and certificate of temporal residence extension.The extension of X2 visas takes about three weeks and during this period you will not be able to travel to places outside Beijing. Take note of this when making any travelling plans.

VI. What if I give up studying in BJUT?

Students who do not have the desire to honor their admission must notuse the admission notice given to apply for a visa.According to the regulations of the Chinese government, the school will at theend of registration report to the Bureau of exit and entry administration allstudents who did not report to the school. If students have a study in China visa and did not report to the designated school, visa may be declared invalidand student will be punished for illegal stay.

VII. Punishment for illegal stay

If a student overstay his/ her visa or residential permit, he/she will be charged with illegalstay and will have to pay RMB500/day for the duration stayed and may face possible deportation or imprisonment.

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