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Guide for Reservation in International Students Dormitory

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I. Visit the websitehttp://bjut.17gz.org

Prior to booking your room, you need to finish registration procedure by click on the “register “button in the page,create your own account and sign in to complete the online application.

Then, you will see some details about the programs/courses. When you finish selecting the programs/courses, submitting online application, you will get an application number and may start booking.

II. Click on the “Bind Study Information

Click on the “online application” to obtain application number. With the application number,you may continue to finish “bind study information”. (Application No. can also be found in the “报名结果查询/application Query”)

If “This number cannot be found,please try again!” pops out, it meansthat, you have to wait for the confirmation of admission office of the University. Then, try the step above again.


Read“说明/Introductions”in detail。

IV. Click on the “预定/Reserving Room”.

“申请/Apply”indicates this type of room is available.

V. Click on the“申请/Apply”

Click on the“填写订单/Input order”,then“提交/submit”。

When the page below appears, it means you have finished booking.

VI. You may also choose “查询/Query” to cancel it.

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