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Sports Facilities

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Sports Facilities

Beijing University of Technology has a good reputation for sports. Various sports facilities are provided on campus.

South Sports Field

Location: Next to No.7 and No. 8 student dormitory

North Sports Field

Location: Next to the swimming pool

Ping Pang Room

Location: Under the Grandstand of South Sports Field

Opening Hours: 15:00—22:00, Monday to Friday

9:00—22:00 Weekend, holiday

Fees: 5 yuan/hour for BJUT students and staff

Tennis court

Location: near South Sports Field

Opening Hours:

15:00--17:00, Monday to Friday

8:00--17:00(winter)Weekend and holiday

8:00—19:00(summer)Weekend and holiday

Football pitch

The football pitch is open for free use before 8am every evening, Monday to Friday. During weekends, reservation has to be made for holding football match and other big events, and is subjected to charges.

Olympic GymnasiumBadminton

Monday to Friday:08:00-18:00 10 yuan/hour18:00-22:00 60yuan/hour

Weekends and Holidays:08:00-22:00 60 yuan/hour

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