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Regulations of International Student Alumni Association Branch of BJUT Alumni Association

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Chapter One:General Regulations

Article 1 International Student Alumni Association Branch of BJUT Alumni Association is founded on 16 October 2016, which belongs to BJUT Alumni Association.

Article 2 The purpose of Alumni Association: Strengthen the contact and coordination between the alumni and the alma mater, as well as among the alumni; Carry forward the School Motto ‘Take hard working as the pursuit, everyday innovation as the way’ of BJUT; Carry on the school management theory of ‘Based in Beijing, serving Beijing, nationwide in China, facing the world;promote joint development for the alumni as well as the alma mater ; strengthen the contact between the alumni and the students at school ; strive to promote the internationalization of BJUT.

Article 3 Location of Alumni Association:International student administration office of international college in Teaching Building 4 of BJUT. NO.100 Pingleyuan, Chaoyang district, Beijing City.

Chapter Two:Basic task

Article 4:Basic task of Alumni Association:

1.Collect the information of the international alumni to enrich the alumni database.

2. Organize alumni activities, strengthen the contact among the international alumni, between Chinese and foreign alumni, between the alumni and alma mater.

3. Launch the alumni to return the alma mater, organize the international alumni to make donations; arouse the alumni to offer advice and suggestions; invite the international alumni to share experience with alma mater.

4. Assist the alma mater to develop the academic interview activities focus on the international alumni.

Chapter Three:Membership

Article 5:Getting membership in line with voluntary: all the foreign students who study in BJUT or engage in advanced studies can be member of Oversea Student Alumni Association Branch of BJUT.

Article 6:The alumni should contact the Association and acknowledge its regulations. After recorded by the Alumni Association, he or she can get the membership.

Article 7:Members shall enjoy the following rights

1.The right to vote, be selected and voting right of the Association;

2. Attend the activities of the association;

3.Get the service priority of the association;

4.Have the right of criticisms and suggestions, and to supervise on the job of the association;

5. Suggestions and advice on the alma mater;

6.Voluntary membership, will retire freedom.

Article 8:Members should perform the following obligations

1.Perform the resolution;

2.Safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the association;

3.Complete the work assigned by the association;

4. Assist the alma mater to contact the international alumni, provide suggestions and advice for the development of BJUT.

5. Provide the information of alumni to the Association.

Article 9:Inform the Association by writing if the address of members has been changed.

Article 10:The council is the lead agency of the association.

Article 11:Council:

1.The council is made up of deputy of outstanding alumni and deputy of international college.

2. Council meeting shall be a minimum of 2 people convened only when attendance. Its resolution shall come into force only when approved by half attendance of the voting

3. The council changes the directors every 2 years.The council directors is selected in advance or delay due to special circumstances, should be approved by the council voting. But the longest deferrable time shall not exceed one year.

4. Council meeting will be held every year for discuss the alumni association job; Due to special circumstances, the meeting may be held through communication mediums.

5.The council sets secretariat, which is responsible for the daily work.

Article 12:Council responsibility

1. Make the work plan of the Alumni Association.

2. Select president, deputy president and secretary general.

3. Decide the deputy secretary general.

4. Decide other important matters.

Article 13:The alumni association sets one president, one deputy president, one secretary general and several deputy secretary general.

Article 14:The president shall exercise the following authorities.

1. Convene and preside the council meeting.

2. Check the implementation of council resolutions.

3. Sign the important documents stand for the alumni association.

Article 15:The secretary general shall exercise the following authorities.

1. Host alumni association daily work, organize the implementation of the annual work plan.

2. Nominate deputy secretary general and the council approves.

3. Deal with other daily affairs of the council.

Article 16:Regulations of International Student Alumni Association Branch of BJUT is discussed and approved by the First Council meeting and take effect on October 16, 2 016.

Article 17:The final explanation right for these regulations belongs to the association council.


October 7,2016

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